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In our ongoing effort to become more “green”, we are now offering Vast Composite Landscape Pavers.

Pavers, re-invented
VAST® Composite Landscape Pavers are the most durable, easiest to install and most socially responsible pavers in the world.

Simply a Better Paver
VAST® Composite Pavers are breaking the traditional mentality that landscape pavers must be made from concrete or clay. Made from up to 95% recycled materials, patented VAST Composite Pavers are the most technologically advanced and socially responsible paver alternatives in the industry.

The Most LEED Contribution Possible
VAST® Composite Pavers help projects earn LEED certification easier than any other pavement. VAST can outperform other pavements, such as pavers with fly ash, by more than ten-times.

95% Post-Consumer Recycled Content
VAST® composite masonry is the first composite material in the world, made almost entirely of recycled materials with the physical strength, durability and natural appearance to replace concrete. VAST composite masonry utilizes up to 95% post-consumer recycled materials (scrap tires and plastics)